I’ve witnessed first-hand the positive impact burpees can have both physically and mentally. Now I am ready to share my love for the exercise we all love to hate.

This downloadable six week programme, which will be yours to keep, will feature at least one different form of burpee – in fact there’s over 30 burpee variations for you to try throughout the six weeks. This will improve your core strength, enhance your flexibility, and make you leaner than ever. The routines will challenge you and as the six weeks progress, the sessions will get more intense. However, by the end you’ll notice a significant change in your body and mentality when it comes to approaching exercise. Trust me.

You’ll also note that each day throughout the week is dedicated to either full bodyweight routines, a dumbbell circuit, or a mixture of both, with the weekends designed for your time to rest. Oh; and don’t forget about #burpeefriday!

Good luck – I simply cannot wait to see the changes that burpees will do to your life

The programme costs just £30 and will be available for you to download and keep.