Having witnessed first-hand how much burpees changed my life, both physically and mentally, I am ready to share this love for the exercise we all love to hate!

Each day will feature at least one different form of burpee – in fact there’s over 30 burpee variations for you to try throughout the six weeks which will improve your core strength, enhance your flexibility, and make you leaner than ever. The routines will challenge you and as the six weeks progress, the sessions will get more intense. However, at the same time you’ll notice a significant change in both your body and your mentality when it comes to approaching exercise.

You’ll also note that each day throughout the week is dedicated to either full bodyweight routines, a dumbbell circuit, or a mixture of both, with the weekends designed for your time to rest. Oh; and don’t forget about #burpeefriday!

Good luck – I simply cannot wait to see the changes that burpees will do to your life

The programme costs just £30 and will be available for you to download and keep.


8-week transformation with The Burpee Guy!

We’ve all got aspirations!
Today’s busy lifestyle takes it out on our bodies both mentally and physically, yet I believe that you can make a big difference simply by becoming fitter and stronger.

Do you want to enjoy your training, have fun but also make some serious changes to your body, fitness levels and lifestyle? If so, then I can help!

I’ve personally experienced this myself and knowing what a difference it can make, I’m ready to help you transform your lifestyle too.

I will help you stick to your goals, communicate with you regularly and be on hand for expert advice, and empower you to create more power, lose fat, build muscle or tone up those stubborn areas.

Do you:
– What to get in shape for a summer beach holiday?
– Lose weight for your wedding this summer or the proceeding autumn months?
– Transform your body to help with your own general well-being?
– Build up strength following injury?
– Improve fitness levels to enhance your overall performance?
– Increase flexibility for your skiing trips this winter?
– Then I can help!

OK so how much does it cost?
I’ve a flexible structure to help you fit in with your lifestyle:

1. A FREE introductory 30min personal training session – why not try before you buy?!

2. Personal training ONLY package: £30 each PT session (purchase of 10)

3. Circuit class ONLY package: £5 each circuit class (purchase of 16)

4. Complete 8-week package:
– Initial fitness assessment and goals discussion
– x 2 PT sessions each week (16 in total)
– FREE access to x 2 evening circuit classes (16 in total)
– A tailored 8-week exercise programme designed for you and your goals – this will allow you to work on these in your spare time too
– Regular assessment, monitoring your success so you can see your hard work paying off!
– 24hr access to the Members Area on The Burpee Guy website giving you access to training videos, meal plans, and more
– Scheduled weekly phone calls

ONLY £35 for each Personal Training session, with everything else completely FREE! Total price: £560 or £140 per month.

Why work with The Burpee Guy?
Firstly, I won’t make you do just burpees!! My passion for this particular exercise derived from my needs to raise money for St George’s Hospital in London.
Affiliated with and supported by Reebok, I completed over 67,000 burpees in 2016, including a Guinness World Record attempt involving 6,500 burpees in 24 hours. I raised £17,000 for the hospital who saved the lives of my twin sons whilst they were still in the womb.
If you’re interested, call me on 07746 923470, we’ll meet and have an informal chat about your goals, concerns, targets and then start you on your fitness journey!